Sunday, May 18, 2014

New June Sewing Classes

School is almost out, yea!  Now it's time to learn something new or you might have taken one class and put away the sewing machine.  Well, it's time to pull it back out.  There are some exciting classes that I have lined up for you.  PLUS, there is an additional day that I will be teaching sewing classes, that is if you?  REGISTER for class.  Well, I know you are say, when??? Thursday at 1:30.  So please take a look at the schedule. 

June is Shorts month
July is Skirt Month
August is Shirt/Blouse or Dress Month
I will be adding other project classes, for example, Tote bags, Pillow Decor.  Please write in the comment section what you would like to sew.  Thanks

Please remember to Like my FB page.  If you have already, Thank you!

Looking forward to Sewing with you!