Friday, July 13, 2012

Pressing Ham


Not exactly what your were expecting, right?  Well, no I'm not talking about Ham you eat.
Your probably saying what is that a picture of, well keep reading this is good.

A lot of people ask me, How do I get a professional look when I am sewing? or
When I sew why do I have that homemade look?  The answer is simple, if you have taken a class with me before, you have heard me say it over and over.  Press as you Go! A very important Rule.

BUT, I'd like to elaborate on that.  Because if you don't have the right notions you still won't have quite the professional look.   A big part of achieving a professional look to your finished project is good pressing.

The Sewing Gadget of this week is the Sewing Ham, or Sleeve Board. I found this excellent tutorial from  It cost about $12.00 in the stores.  But you can make it for much less incorporating your own fabric for your own design Tailor Ham.  Since I found this tutorial I won't be purchasing one.

When sewing, never sew over an un-pressed seam. Always press the seam open as you go. This will make sewing easier and will improve the quality & hang of your finished garment.  Giving you a professional finished garment or project.
Happy Sewing!
This is a little late THURSDAY TIP

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